After Signing Up


You’ve signed up, now what?

For the majority of the employees we serve, each will receive InfoArmor’s traditional fulfillment materials via the employee email address collected at time of enrollment. Each employee should expect receive the following emails:

  1. A “Welcome” email from InfoArmor using address clien[email protected] – confirming receipt of the election and enrollment, outlining how to access the online account for identity monitoring.*
  2. An email from the National Do Not Call Registry (one email per unique phone number enrolled) using address [email protected] This email asks the individual to join their Registry as a preventative measure to reduce the exposure of personal information and is sent on/about Day of Enrollment. The enrollee has 72 hours to respond with action to be removed.
  3. Initial Identity Status email from InfoArmor using address [email protected] – reflecting the initial review of the security of each individual’s identity: an “Identity Status” email. *
  4. A monthly “Identity Status” email from InfoArmor “[email protected]” – reflecting a review of the security of each individual’s identity. If a subscriber is not “secure” our Privacy Advocates will be reaching out to the subscriber frequently to address the identity issues. No monthly email will be sent to the high risk subscriber.*

If a subscriber did not provide an email address during enrollment, he or she will receive a one-time welcome letter. A welcome letter is sent to the employee’s home addresses by the end of his or her enrollment month.

*The Primary account holder will be the primary source of contact unless dependent subscribers provide unique email/mobile number during enrollment.