About Us

JM Marketing is part of a national insurance organization that corporately or through its representatives holds licenses in all 50 states.  JM Marketing and its affiliates have thousands of accounts varying in size and make up across the country.

For almost 25 years, JM Marketing has served as the endorsed benefits administrator for more than a dozen employee associations and federal employee unions. In addition to the creation of unique group benefits, JM provides assistance to Federal Employees in the areas of Federal Benefits Training and "Safe Money" Investment Practices through their Federal Retirement Planning Services Division.  Several attributes of the relationship between JM Marketing and it's Association clients are summarized below:

Group Benefits Platform Creation & Administration

  • aboutJM Marketing provides a specially designed and member endorsed platform of insurance and financial products to the membership of various entities.  As an independent brokerage, JM Marketing searches the marketplace for the most suitable products within each product category for group members and, in many cases, provides said members with products that have been exclusively developed by JM Marketing. Our size and volume of business allows us to negotiate favorably with insurance companies, driving clear value in the group benefits afforded to our customers.
  • JM Marketing, utilizing the size and purchasing power of the entire association membership, is able to create both insurance product offerings and non-insurance benefits for members that:
    • Are unique in both plan make up and offering conditions, that for without the association group, would otherwise be unattainable by the individual on a stand alone basis from either a local insurance provider or large national carrier.
    • Are often priced more competitively than individual products would be on a stand alone basis, as we can negotiate and provide group rates when bringing a larger pool of risk to an insurance carrier in marketing of the plan.
    • May often provide easier qualification for coverage to the applicant with lessened or even removed underwriting conditions as part of the group offering.  (Guarantee Issue)
  • JM Marketing communicates the value of the platform of benefits to membership in a variety of ways, including the following:  participation in conventions, area rallies, zone meetings; face-to-face presentations in offices and other appropriate meeting locations; webinars and various forms of electronic and paper communication delivered to respective members.  Members may apply for participation in any of the products at their choosing through telephone, fax, or online when applicable.
  • JM Marketing, through it's wholly owned and licensed Third Party Administrator, provides group members with a variety of convenient payment methods for most of its products, including bank draft, direct bill and payroll deduction.  This is all done through a single source platform to provide convenience for both the association group and it's membership.
  • Most of the products offered by JM Marketing may be carried by the respective members into retirement.  This “portability” exists relative to individual products and is purposely designed to benefit the member / customer.   In many cases, JM Marketing administers the billing and premium-pay mechanism for retirees once separated from service.
  • JM Marketing provides significant monetary support to its client groups in the form of non-dues contributions in order to support the overall mission of the employee union or association.

 Federal Employee Retirement Services Division

  • JM Marketing, having worked with Federal Employees for over 25 years, has gained a strong knowledge and expertise of the Federal Retirement Systems.  In order to better help our association clients and fill the void from the lack of training provided by the Federal Government to its employees throughout the course of their careers, JM created the Federal Retirement Services Division in 2008 to help educate association members on their Federal Benefits and better prepare them for a safe and expected retirement with our assistance in the planning process.
  • JM Marketing provides this training and education to members through our skilled Federal Adviser Team, that collectively have over 50 years experience in the insurance and annuity business.
  • JM Marketing is registered as a verified vendor of the US Federal Registry (DUNS #609858592) which gives us the ability to teach required classes on government time as well as to bid on government contracts.
  • JM Marketing provides Federal training to employees through the use of group in-person seminars, online webinars, and access to our proprietary software program that provides employees a personalized individual analysis report on their own unique federal benefits.
  • JM's Federal Retirement Services Division, as an independent broker, provides alternative solutions to the Federal Benefits offering for employees that includes access to:
    • Individual Retirement Accounts (Roth and Traditional IRA's)
    • FEGLI Alternative Life Insurance (Term and Permanent)
    • Pension Alternatives & Annuities
    • Social Security Analysis